What will my donation be used for?

Good question! It all depends on how much you raise. If you raise more than 3,000 RMB, you can choose to become a student sponsor for one year. The student/sponsor "pairing" usually happens once a year in November. So if your birthday is before that and you are interested, you can become a sponsor for the coming school year - otherwise you may need to wait until next year.

Alternatively, we are always in need of general donations to keep the lights on. Your contribution could help us run our scholarship programs or student events, support the student selection process, cover the cost of printing materials or hosting our website. In essence, your donations will make sure we are able to run a successful operation that ensures our students are well looked after.

Who can be involved?

You, and anyone you know! There are really no limitations to who can help us out. That being said, if you are a minor, you will need parental consent, as well as have an adult making the donation on your behalf.

Can I meet up with some of the students?

If you become a student sponsor, you will be in invited to attend our annual student/sponsor events where you can meet them in person. Outside of those events, there are unfortunately not many opportunities, as they mostly live in the outer districts of Shanghai and/or are minors. But we regularly update our social media with pictures from student/sponsor events, student stories and testimonials, so you'll know what's going on.

Can my friends donate directly to Shanghai Sunrise?

Because you are the one donating your birthday and raising funds within your network of friends and family, we would highly prefer you to collect the donations and send the total amount to Shanghai Sunrise. This way, it is easier for you to keep track of your "presents" and thank your friends and family in person - and it saves us a lot of volunteer time and effort trying to match individual donations with your birthday and keep you up to date.

Will I be recognized?

You deserve to be appreciated. Once you have made the birthday donation, we will send you a certificate of

appreciation. We encourage you to share it on your moments and be proud of the impact you have made. If your

friends and family are overwhelmingly generous or you join forces with others to make a bigger donation, we may

ask you to help create some content for our social media feed. We are open to any ideas you may have!

How can we get involved further?

The most impactful way you can help us is to spread the word. Tell people about Shanghai Sunrise and

encourage them to donate their birthdays too. Additionally, you can get involved by sponsoring a student or if you

have free time (especially during working hours), we would love to have you join our volunteering team. Click here

to check out the volunteering opportunities.